Yale Lary Jr.

Yale is a Texas Aggie with 30 years of Food Safety experience working for a variety of food companies.  Trained as a meat scientist he started his career with Oscar Mayer as a QA Technologist when shelf life and Listeria control were not assisted by specialized antimicrobials or post lethality treatments. Under the guidance of John Cerveny and John Weisgerber Yale learned best practices for sanitation and environmental monitoring. 

After leadership roles at other companies across the country and shortly after the Bil Mar Foods Listeria outbreak, Yale was recruited by Ann Marie McNamara to help Direct the Food Safety programs for the Sara Lee Meats division, where he learned additional best practices for Listeria control.

He is an active International Association for Food Protection member and proud past Chair for the Food Hygiene & Sanitation Professional Development Group.  He has also co-authored articles in the Journal of Animal Science, Journal of Food Science, Meat Science and Food Protection Trends.  

Yale is currently the Director of FSQA and Innovation for Holmes Smokehouse in Lufkin, Texas. Prior to his current role, he and his team traveled across the US and Canada assuring FSQA compliance for Sysco Foods Corporation.  He will give a short talk on equipment cleaning verification including a new technology and method for visual verification called “IzItClean”.