Todd Elliott

Todd Elliott is the lead food microbiologist at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, where he analyzes spaceflight food produced and packaged by the Space Systems Food Laboratory to ensure that it meets predetermined acceptability limits. He also monitors the food lab environment for issues with air, surface and water and investigates emerging problems in food products as they occur.

Todd analyzes the environmental microbiology of space systems, such as vehicles, supporting hardware, and cargo. In addition, he supports occupational health at the center for investigations into Legionella and coliforms in potable water supplies.

Todd has been with KBR, the contractor for NASA’s Human Health and Performance Contract, for nineteen years. He started at JSC as a scientist developing mammalian cell biology payloads for the International Space Station, later monitoring the biodosimetry of radiation exposure in astronauts on ISS, then supporting program integration for the Human Research Program and program surveillance for health and medical issues in the Constellation Program. He has been with the NASA JSC Microbiology Laboratory for nine years and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from Texas A & M University.