2020 Conference Presentations


Thank you for attending the 2020 Food Safety and Microbiology Conference. Your participation is greatly appreciated, and we hope you had such a stellar experience that we will see you again in 2021!

How are Consumers Handling Your Products? Hint: It’s Not How You Think – Aaron Lavallee

Empowering Sanitation: Redefining a Dirty Word – Angela Anandappa

Managing Food Safety and Sanitation in the Digital Age – April Bishop

Cleaning Validation, Verification and Monitoring – Duane Grassmann

IzItClean: A New Technology for Cleaning Verification – Yale Lary

The Use of Strain Typing in Environmental Monitoring – Will It Hurt or Help? – Shawn Stevens

Resident Strains: Identification, Elimination, and Prevention – Kevin Lorcheim

Foreign Body Identification: Risk Factors and Best Practices – Brian Schaefer

Evolution of a Food Safety Program after Contamination – Michele Sayles, Ph.D.

Creating Effective Training Programs – Kathy Knutson, Ph.D.

Spiral Freezers: Their Design, Cleaning, and Treatment – David Vallina

Reducing the Risk and Impact of Microbial Contamination – Kevin Lorcheim

Proactive Integrated Pest Management in a Food Environment – Steve Romero

Microbial Monitoring for Space Flight Operations – Todd Elliott

Non-confirming Enrichments: The Dreaded False Positive – Dr. Alex Brandt

Allergen Management through Hygienic Zoning and Sanitation – Duane Grassmann

Managing Capital Projects with Food Safety in Mind – April Bishop

FDA Listeria Control: Regulatory Perspective – Dr. Mickey Parish

Understanding the Food Safety and USDA Inspection Service Strategic Goals – Dr. Philip Bronstein

How to Ramp Up Your Recall Readiness – Brian D. Eyink