2018 Conference Presentations



Risk Transfer: What is Product Recall Insurance?- Gweneth Luu, JGS Insurance

Practical Applications of a One-Hour Listeria Test using Listeria Right Now®- Jim Topper, Neogen 


Process Validation: Do I Have What it Takes? (USDA/FDA Perspective)- Gary Acuff, Ph.D., Texas A&M

Proactive Integrated Pest Management in a Food Facility– Steve Romero, Industrial Fumigant Company

Hygienic Design: Highly Effective or Hardly Attainable?– Kevin Lorcheim, ClorDiSys

Biofilms: From Formation to Elimination– Diane Walker, Center for Biofilm Engineering

Dealing with Resident Strains using Chlorine Dioxide Gas– Kevin Lorcheim, ClorDiSys

Decontamination as a Preventive Control– Anna Jesus, Amy’s Kitchen


Updates from the FDA- Mickey Parish, Ph.D., Food and Drug Administration 

How We Went From To Recall Supplier of the Year- Michele Sayles, Diamond Pet Foods

Implementing a Top-Notch Food Safety Culture- Michele Sayles, Diamond Pet Foods